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Road Tax and You

Road Tax and You

Many motorists are still unsure of how the changes in road tax duty affect them so here are a few facts:-

From  last October motorists can pay for their tax in monthly instalments using Direct Debit. This will also mean that tax is automatically renewed, providing that the vehicle has a valid MOT certificate.

Just because you don't have tax disc displayed, don't think you cab slip the net when passing a police car. The DVLA has a digital record of payments and number-plate recognition cameras are used to track vehicles and identify those that aren’t taxed.

What happens if I sell my car?

Under the changes, car tax will no longer be transferred from seller to buyer, so you can get a refund from the DVLA for any full calendar months outstanding. But even if you’re not due a refund, make sure you inform the DVLA of the change of ownership or you could face a fine of up to £1,000.

And if all this is news to you, you’re not alone - a poll of more than 1,000 drivers found that 40 per cent were completely unaware of the impending changes and of those who were, half were unsure when they were coming in and many were not planning to find out more.

For more information, Click the link to  http://gov.uk/government/news/vehicle-tax-changes